Personal Farmer Consultation

Gardens of Babylon-Nashville

$ 95.00

Wanna transform the production, layout, and/ or health of your garden, but not sure where to begin? One visit from our resident Personal Farmer will help ensure bountiful yields for years to come!  Time allowance: 1.5 hours.  Included with your Personal Farmer consultation is an onsite coaching to ensure you grow the garden you've always wanted.  We help plan your garden location, what to grow and how to do it.  The $95 consultation fee covers homes...


Gardens of Babylon is Nashville's largest family owned garden center and landscape company specializing in natural products and services. Since 2003, we've enjoyed inspiring and educating a greener community, and building a brand our customers can trust.

Our knowledge of landscaping, passion for sustainable living, and down-to-earth personal service combine to make us the top resource for local residents and businesses needing help with smarter and healthier landscapes. Whether you need helpful advice from a garden center associate, or want to hire a trusted, creative landscape design build firm, capable of installing and maintaining large scale commercial and residential properties...look no further.

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