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Gardens of Babylon Landscapes is hosting a Plant Swap October 18th! Make new friends and leave with new plants!
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At Gardens of Babylon Landscapes, we strongly believe in leaving the weeds for the bees, using natural methods of plant control, and encouraging pollinator growth! We refrain from using any products containing neonicotinoids and we create landscapes that bloom throughout the season to allow for an ample food source for our local pollinators.

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To ensure your landscape beds and vegetable gardens are ready for their first spring sprouting, we’re sharing 3 reasons why fall cleanups are so important from our company experts. (Not to mention now is a great time to get the landscape looking tidy for the holidays...)
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Dormancy Not Death!

 As one of Nashville’s top landscaping companies, our professional horticulturists know that plants in Nashville experience dormancy during cold weather—not death! Therefore, planting a perennial bed in your landscape in fall means that your plants will have a healthy environment to establish before they go dormant in winter.

Cooler temperatures means more soil moisture

The heat of summer creates a constant cycle of water evaporation, and can cause a lot of unnecessary plant stress. That’s why planting in the fall is the optimum time to plant. Watering plants in the spring and summer can be a tedious task, but in fall, landscapes in Nashville retain more moisture than they do in the sweltering summer sun.

Fall Landscaping Discounts!

We know landscaping services can be an investment, so that’s why we want our clients to take advantage of the fall landscaping discounts we offer throughout the fall and winter seasons. After the spring and summer landscaping rush in Nashville, fall begins to quiet down. We offer discounts in fall for many of our new and existing clientele and especially around the holidays. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our seasonal promotions.

Planting in Fall Gives Spring a Jump-Start

No better time than fall to get those roots established before spring. Planting in fall when the soil is still warm from summer allows roots to establish and build a better chance of success for next year’s drought and heat.

Earlier Spring Flowers Means More Pollinators!

Planting in the fall means earlier flowers that serve as vital food sources for crucial pollinators, and our landscape company values the power of beneficial insects and how crucial they are to our natural ecology. Starting pollinator plants in the fall ensures success for butterflies and bees in March and April.

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In celebration of our 15th birthday, we’re sharing 15 interesting facts about ourselves and what makes us one of Nashville’s most beloved locally owned landscape companies and garden centers. 
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Happy Birthday to us! We're turning 15 and celebrating the spring kick off on April 14th, with free cake and ice cream, records, balloons, and a chance to win a free landscape services package through our silent landscape services auction.
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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to completely renovate your home in order to significantly raise the value of your property. This may come as a surprise to some, but out of all the upgrades you can make to your home, improving the landscaping has one of the highest returns on investment aside from bathroom renovation. In fact, high-quality landscaping can add an impressive 20% to the value of your home.
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I was honored to have been called out to a rental property in downtown Nashville where the owner was looking to take the atmosphere up a notch by adding certain design elements which one might find in the bold surroundings of South Beach Florida.  After our designs and concepts were approved, we set out to add a little flare to the already impressive balcony which possessed multiple sitting areas, a sun deck, custom pool, hot tub, and the most breathtaking view of downtown Nashville.
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We recently finished a backyard landscape which will be featured on Volunteer Gardener later this Summer.  The backyard belonged to a traditional ranch style home in East Nashville.  For more videos that inspire, visit
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Though sod can be laid during most parts of the year, fall and early spring really are optimal times The temps are cool and the moisture is high.  Along with proper timing, a good foundation of graded compost and microbiologic fertilizers help get the green stuff off to a booming start.  We suggest a 1" under layer of premium compost and granular fertilizer per application rates.  Liquid natural fertilizers can also be applied throughout the seasons to help keep turf at its finest.
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These last few weeks of summer, we can let our land and bodies rest. But we can also prepare for fall, which starts Sept. 22. Scattered thunderstorms should refresh our yards soon. The following ideas can make our Middle Tennessee landscapes more natural and sustainable:

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Every now and then I'm asked for  landscape design tips.  I came across an article in Better Homes and Gardens and thought it worth sharing.  For those starting out in this wide world of exterior artistry...welcome to the rest of your life.  Once this bug bites you, it usually doesn't let go, at least for not for awhile anyways.  It can be a blessing, however, since instead of itching and swelling, it can cause your property value to increase.  Imagine that.  Plus, if you do some of the landscaping yourself, you'll be burning calories, reducing stress, and coming home to a more beautiful setting.  Not too bad eh?

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