Behind Babylon - Meshack Ortiz

We wanted to give you a look into our company, so we'll be starting a series called Behind Babylon, featuring our staff! We wouldn't be who we are as a company without the group of hardworking individuals we get the pleasure to call colleagues.  Our collective landscaping & greenhouse staff knowledge, passion for sustainable living, and down-to-earth personal service combine to make us the top resource for local residents and businesses needing help with smarter and healthier landscapes and plants.
Gardens of Babylon wouldn’t be what it is today without our fantastic Equipment Manager Meshack Ortiz.  "Shack", as he's affectionately known, has been with us for five years - we’re thankful to have such a talented and inspiring friend on our team! We asked him what his favorite day at work has been, and Shack replied, "Any day I can fix a hard problem in a short amount of time. And in my head say BOOM - DONE! I was one of those kids who took everything apart and put it back together.  I love science and anything that puzzles me, and I absorb information like a sponge and am a problem solver!"

Emily Vogler

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