Personal Farmer

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Our Personal Farmer division thrives on ensuring your success regarding the production of healthy, naturally grown herbs, vegetables, berries, and fruits. 

We specialize in the installation of locally milled cedar raised bed planters that come in a range of sizes or can be custom sized to fit your project perfectly. 

Furthermore, we use a high quality planting mix full of powerful organic amendments, including rich topsoil, worm castings, organic fertilizers, and mychorrizae or other beneficial soil probiotics.  Personal Farmer packages can be tailored to fit budget and/or culinary preferences with ease. 

School Gardens

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Having installed over 20 community/ school gardens in the greater middle Tennessee area, we are a recognized leader, ensuring your project's completion meets budget and design constraints.  Let us help you get your vision off to the right start!



Gift Card

$ 50.00

Give the gift of growing possibilities! Gift Cards can be redeemed for either garden center products or landscape services.

Note: We will mail out your gift card within 2 business days, unless instructed otherwise.  Pickup is also available for last minute gifts.  If you'd like to add a personalized message, please follow instructions.  After you click 'Buy Now', select 'View Cart' in the menu bar to right.  Scroll down and enter your message in the 'Notes' section.

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